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This Just In: Hindsight is Not 20/20

New and Old Bound Notebooks

Our “official one year anniversary” is a bit of a moving target.   We completed our successful Kickstarter campaign last July, incorporated in September, had our first paying customer (non-backer) in October, and launched our store (website) in November.  Let’s just say we are in the Bound Anniversary Season and I am in the mood [...]

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HATCH!: How to Make the Most of Your Startup Incubator

I was flattered to be invited to be a “speaker” at a lunch sessions with entrepreneurs from two great startup incubators this week in Downtown Durham (Startup Stampede 3.0 and Groundwork Labs, both located in American Underground).  I assume the ability to speak was the only test for the position that I passed.   The [...]

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Summer Reading List for Entrepreneurs

Stack of Good Books: 4hww, gtd, rework

After many years of trial and error I have developed the following two convictions about books: Most books are not worth reading Books that are worth reading are worth reading twice There is an abundance, nay a plethora, of printed literature available for entrepreneurs and startups, let alone all the digital literature.   Perhaps I’ve [...]

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Why We Blog

FIRST, if you’re reading this before June skip straight to the previous post for a chance to win two free tickets to the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland June 8-10. *** Now, off to meta-meta-land: the blog post about blogging itself. As I am want to do, I have been reflecting on the [...]

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Be Good, Have Fun, Make Money: When Two Out of Three IS Bad

Disclaimer: I don’t have time to write this blog post. There is a lot going on at Bound and in my personal life that I should probably be attending to instead. Emails are going unreplied. Tasks are being delayed. The thing is, it’s never convenient to blog. Blogs are like plants though, if you don’t [...]

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Stow-away-a-saurus v. The Minimum Viable Product

iPhone Case that Looks Like Old Camera

There are more than two types of people in the world, but two of the many types can by separated out based on what one thinks of when hearing “MVP.” For most of my life, I definitely thought of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and other Most Valuable Players. I don’t know when it happened, but [...]

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The Revolution will Be Crowdfunded

Backed by 298 on Kickstarter

A year ago Alex Gibson then of Rippple posted an April Fool’s blog post proclaiming that Rippple had received a $100K investment from a major bank.  Rippple itself didn’t make it, but the vision represented in the post has certainly proven true. If necessity is the mother of invention, crowd funding is one of the [...]

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SMOFFICE: The World’s Smallest Office Space

The Smoffice

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Durham is Startupia: A Perfect World for Entrepreneurs.   Bound is proud to be one of 60 startups calling downtown Durham home. After two successful Bull City Startup Stampede mini-incubators, of which Bound was graduate, Durham is launching a project to draw wider attention to the [...]

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There Are No Favors in Business

Your Moment of Venn

There’s no crying in baseball and there are no favors in business. It’s my favorite thing about business, in fact. It is why, as a co-worker once said, “business is beautiful.”  Granted, he wore pleated pants and monk-strap shoes without a hint of irony so he isn’t right about everything*. I want for opinions like [...]

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