ScoutBooks: Good People, Good Notebooks

ScoutBooks Invade Paris ThreesomeI’ve been meaning to write this post for roughly five months and am just finally getting down to it on my “to blog” list thanks to an inquiry we received recently about Bound v ScoutBooks.

If you are a professional athlete it is not unlikely that you will watch game tape of other players in the league or players from the past to help you up your game.  Not every player is a source of inspiration but every now and then you encounter a player that drives you to push your game to higher and higher levels.

Making notebooks is basically the same thing as being a professional athlete, as I’m sure Lebron James or Leonel Messi would agree.  To that end, I spend hours in stationary stores and poking around the Internet to see how others are doing it.   Usually I come away anything but inspired, as this post on a notebook company you’ve probably heard of indicates.

That said, every once in a while I find a group that pushes me to stay true to the vision that got Bound started in the first place.   Despite they are in many ways our one true competitor I feel compelled to highlight and commend ScoutBooks on this very blog.

ScoutBooks are a product of Pinball Publishing which, in their own words, “is a creative manufacturing company located in Portland, Oregon.”  (As I’ve always said, if you can’t live in Durham live in Portland.)  Their claim to be “fueled by a love for print, collaboration, and the making of meaningful things” comes through in every step of the process from the website to the product in your hands.

Like Bound, ScoutBooks are made in the USA using  100% recycled paper and can be customized inside and out.   I have actually referred more than a couple potential bulk customers to ScoutBooks over the years when I think they’d be a better fit.  When is ScoutBooks a better fit?  Or, conversely, when is Bound a better fit?   After much reflection I have this Punnett Square to help me explain:

ScoutBooks Punnett Square

When you look closer at Bound and ScoutBooks you realize the overlap isn’t as great as it seems initially.  For one, ScoutBooks focuses solely on the “memo” style notebook, whereas Bound has two hardbound notebooks in our portfolio.  Furthermore, ScoutBooks keeps it simple with a max of 2 colors on the cover and fewer content options.

ScoutBooks_Bound Notebook Comparison

In the end, for all the similarities, the two are really different products for different needs.  If, based on the breakdown in this post, ScoutBooks turns out to be right for your needs I simply could not recommend them more.

How can I be so confident?

Well, a while back I ordered 50 little memos with a super duper clever cover born of my obsession with Invader.  I’ve been using them as my go-to pocket notebook for a while and can say they pass the test.  It doesn’t have the calendar and checklists I love in my Bound Memo but it is a terrific notebook.

Get One for Free.  From Bound.

If you want to try out a ScoutBooks pocket notebook for yourself, I’ll mail the first 5 people that tweet to @boundcustom with the hashtag #invadeparis one notebook that you see pictured here.  

Oh, and give @scoutbooks a shout out while you’re at it.  Making notebooks in the USA is where it’s at.

ScoutBooks Invade Paris


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