HB Hospitality, or “Clients and Notebooks I Love to Love”

I met Danielle, Principal & Founder of HB Hospitality, in a quintessentially Durham-Raleigh-Startup-Community way. Without going into the details let me say it involves both the Startup Stampede and Triangle Entrepreneurship Week.

Such connections are rarely as perfect a fit as this has proved to be though. We worked together to create what I consider to be the most top-shelf notebook we’ve produced to date. If you’re lucky enough to attend one of her events you can hold it in your hands for yourself.

HB Hospitality Journal Page One

Events? What events you say? What does HB Hospitality do?

HB Hospitality connects exceptional people to extraordinary experiences. I was going to try to write something original here but, having plagiarized the preceding sentence, I decided that I probably wasn’t going to do much better than Danielle herself:

“HB Hospitality’s goal is to produce a seamless experience for clients by partnering them with HB’s prestigious portfolio of resorts and helping them to design memorable meetings and events that align with their organization’s strategic goals and objectives.”

She’s professional, intelligent, and great to work with. Look for more masterpiece notebooks this year. Oh, and speaking of Masterpiece, don’t tell me what happens in the Downton Abbey season finale. I still haven’t seen it.

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    Nice post HB hospitality is really very nice.