Custom Pocket Travel Guide to Paris

Paris Pocket Travel Guide

If there are two things I love it’s travel and notebooks.  In fact, the two are basically synonymous for me.  There’s not much point of only doing/having one of the two. It is with that in mind that I am offering a fun little spin on the good ol’ Bound Memo.

I’ve lived in Paris for seven months or so and have grown somewhat obsessed with the city.  There’s always more to explore but at the same time there are sure fire mainstays.  A city is like the classic description of man’s conception of god.  (Woah, sharp turn to the left right into the deep end.)  Like the elephant, though, one’s conception of a city revolves around the part of it you touch.  Six of us could go to Paris and come away with 6 difference descriptions of the City of Light.

Not everyone wants the same thing out of a city.  Some people want to find the best high-end shopping, others want to sample local fare, others want to hit the hotspots that set a city apart.  The list goes on and on.

In the spirit of custom, I’m going to make a few pocket travel guides for Paris that I will populate with information based on the purchaser’s particular interests.  Have dietary restrictions?  Gotcha covered.  Love coffee, cocktails, wine?  Check.

I’m giving the first of these away free and then selling a few more through the Offset Workshop.  It’s our little corner of experimentation.

Here’s how it works.  You win/buy the notebook. I will reach out to you via email for your specific interests.  I will take that input and populate 5 or so great ideas for you in particular to try in Paris.

Interested?  Leave a comment on our facebook status update for this blog post stating a non-negotiable for you to call a city great.  I’ll pick a winner for the free one at random based on all entries received through midnight Sunday, March 3.

The notebooks are on sale now in the workshop if you can’t wait.

Bon Chance et Bon Voyage!





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