Five Things Friday – The Notebook Experts Have Spoken (UPDATED w/

Stack of Notebooks

UPDATE:  Special bonus for this 5TF post, just posted its review of Bound so now ALL the greats have weighed in.  Check it out here.

When I was a kid, many, many moons ago, I was a fierce pine wood derby competitor.  I would spend hours sketching the design for my next car.  Then came the wood working and the painting and the application of stickers.  Finally on race day the cars would be judged.  My precious little vehicle would be evaluated by a panel of experts who would issue their objective decree regarding the quality of my work.   My room was littered with ribbons, albeit most of them green.

That scenario is similar enough to the topic of this post that I thought I’d use it for my cold open.

Bound has been in business for over a year now and it was time our precious little vehicles of thought and sketch were evaluated by the experts.  I sought out pen and paper aficionados that I observed to be impartial, thorough, and experienced in the arts of pulp and ink.  I present to you five excellent reviews of Bound Custom Journals by enthusiasts I respect.

If you have any questions about the paper, binding, ink-conduciveness, etc you’ll find the answers below.

  1. Notebook Stories
  2. Gourmet Pens
  3. East. West. Everywhere.
  4. Whatever
  5. The SHU box

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the honest reviews.  Helps us make sure we’re making the quality project we set out to.  It’s nice to get a ribbon other than green once in a while.




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