BOUND: A Year in the Life as Told by TBJ

We had the honor of being the focus of the Triangle Business Journal’s “Project Survival” in which they follow a startup in its first year with bi-monthly interviews and check-ins.  Thanks to Cameron Snipes and all the folks at TBJ for being such good sports with us.

Spoiler alert: We survived.

October 2011 - Bound to Build a Business

Three dudes looking studiously at notebooks in front of a printer.

The Three Bound Men Together


December 2011 – Fine Tuning the Model 

Joel Sadler in Triangle Business Journal

No relation to Clark Kent

Two guys dressed funny looking in a box

Lookie here Michael!

Two guys standing in front of an offset printer

Hi Shawn!

Guy with tie holding notebooks looking ridiculous.

Maybe I should keep these thoughts to myself…

Two guys standing back to back.  One in a white cardigan.

Two Bound Men

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