Make(ry) it a North Carolina Holiday

Did the world need another niche flash sale site?  I don’t know, did the world need another notebook company?  Err….

Setting aside the latter, I would have definitely answered the former with a resounding NO!  For the love of all that is good and holy make it stop.  These niches are multiplying like yupster rabbits.

My answer was no right up until The Makery launched but has now turned to a resounding YES with The Makery Holiday Shop.  There is some seriously cool s*** on there.

I had no intention of writing this post especially after giving The Makery a shout out in a recent post but I was blown away by the products in the Holiday Shop.

Yeah Bound is on there and yeah we’re trying some pretty cool things including the unofficial Sal Paradise On the Road travel journal.   I never thought I’d say this but we’re about the least interesting thing on there and I think we’re pretty d*** interesting.  Now I’m just happy to have been included.

Here are just a few of the many items you have to check out before you commit to any gift buying elsewhere.

Animal Calendar

Anything from Shannon Newby

Pig Cuts Darlene Hatchett NC

Anything from Darlene Hatchett

Farm Animal Toy Set by Daniel & Allison Catoe

Farm Animal Toy Set by Daniel & Allison Catoe

Zelephant V-neck by Jody Cedzidlo

Zelephant V-neck by Jody Cedzidlo

Leather Wallet from Whitney Robinson

Bad A** Wallet from Whitney Robinson

Leigh Anne Hilbert Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

Leigh Anne Hilbert Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag


The Makery Project Shop Gift Card

Can’t Decide? Go with a gift card. I prefer mine in denominations of $50.


That’s all.  Proud to see Bound listed among such impressive NC products.  Thanks for making it happen Sisters.






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