Bound to Make a Bucket List

Last week’s Five Things Friday post was on the topic of the bucket list.   I thought it might be fun to follow-up with what folks shared from their own bucket lists for the giveaway on our Facebook page.  Would that I could check them all off myself.  At least I own the Louboutins…

  • Live on a boat ( somewhere warm )
  • Grow my own veggies
  • Travel everywhere
  • Pay back my parents their unending love
  • Own a pair of Louboutin!
  • Visit Washington, DC
  • See The Boss, in concert, in Jersey.
  • Visit at least 25 states in the US
  • Go deep sea fishing
  • Go to a NASCAR race
  • Run a 5k
  • Go to a JayZ concert
  • Move out west.
  • Self-publish a book.
  • Travel around the world.
  • Surf.
  • Put together a care package of inspirational prints for those living with terminal illnesses.
  • Golf at Augusta National.
  • Sell a comic book.


And from our very own Michael Faber:

“1. Eat a live salmon that I caught with my hands like a freakin grizzly bear 2. Punch Kid Rock in the Face 3. Succeed at something that I’m woefully unqualified to be doing in the first place 4. Bum a cigarette from Anthony Bourdain 5. Write about it all in a Bound Custom Journal”


Thanks for sharing everyone.

Bound for Anything,


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