Meet Boundless: The game-changing mobile app from Bound available now!

Bound Micro-Journaling App

Boundless fills a critical void left by all currently available mobile social networking applications by offering the following benefits:

  • Never Forget Your Password – The Boundless application grants instant access to your account information, update history, and composition of new updates.
  • Work Offline – Never again will you be foiled from updating your status because of pesky FAA regulations during take off and landing or when your subway dips underground.
  • Draft Before You Share – We have all seen, and perhaps made, status updates for the world to see that we wish we’d thought about a little longer first. Boundless solves that problem by making it easy to see pending status updates and select which should be shared.
  • Impervious Security – Bound’s proprietary technology guarantees that no hacker will breach your account.
  • 100% Privacy Control – Current social media applications grant some control over who sees your updates, but it is still out there for your boss to find. Boundless guarantees 100% control over who and when you let read your updates.
  • No Junk Messages – Have you received a direct message informing you that you’ve won an iPad? You won’t with the Boundless app. You will never receive unsolicited contact.
  • Universal Compatibilty – Boundless works with all major mobile operating systems and languages.

Check out Boundless Now.

Bound for (just about) Anything.

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