Durham Loves Startups

The application window for Bull City Startup Stampede 2.0 closes this Friday, 8/12, at noon.  If you are reading this as an entrepreneur, stop what you are doing and apply.


On 3/31/2011, a day before the Startup Stampede, about a dozen people had ever heard of Bound.  On 6/2, we announced our pre-order campaign to a room full of movers and shakers.  During the campaign, we raised $17,140 and sold 375 journals in just 50 days.  None of that would have happened without the Bull City Startup Stampede.

Here are five ways in which the Startup Stampede accelerated Bound’s success:

  • Media Exposure – Thanks to the Stampede, we were featured in the Herald-Sun and the Triangle Business Journal
  • Influential Connections – We met with ballers from Sen. Kay Hagan to Triangle Startup Factory‘s Chris Hievly
  • Concept Validation – We got feedback on our idea from every possible perspective.  Thankfully it was all positive.
  • Invaluable Free Advice - I think if we were to total up what we would have had to pay for all the free hours we spent with accountants, lawyers, PR directors, and investors it would be astronomical.
  • Startup Energy – It is easy to lose motivation on a project when you’re toiling away on your laptop at home.  Being surrounding by other talented, driven entrepreneurs made it easy to work hard and stay excited.

A special shout out to Matthew Coppedge of Downtown Durham, Inc and Adam Klein of the Durham Chamber of Commerce for the work they did putting it on.  An extra special shout  out to Justyn Kasierski of Hutchison Law Group, who we are delighted to be working with.

For a peak inside Startup Stampede and links to the companies that participated, check out the unofficial blog we kept.

If you want to know more about how Durham loves Startups, just contact us.  We’ll talk all day.


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