“Someone’s in the Kitchen with Kierkegaard” Giveaway

If you’re like me, you think twice about picking up a book titled “Fear and Trembling” or “The Sickness unto Death.” On the other hand, if you’re like me you don’t at all think twice about picking up a book titled “Menu.” Well, you and I are in luck because now we can slide into the former via the latter.

A couple years ago we had the good fortune of receiving an email from one Rachel Moran inquiring as to whether or not we might participate in a philosophy conference in Northern Virginia. It was a great experience, sparked some good thinking, and we both went along our way.

Kierkegaard CookbookWell lo and behold if that same Rachel Moran didn’t go out there and write a chef’s-eye-view of one of my true heroes of philosophy, the “Father of Existentialism,” Soren Kierkegaard for the 200th anniversary of the great Dane’s birth. The book is called “Philosophical Food Crumbs: A Kierkegaard Cookbook” and is currently available through numerous outlets including Amazon.com.

If the name Soren Kierkegaard has ever peaked your interest but you’ve not been sure where to start, this is the place.

Rachel Moran partnered with Copenhagen native Emma Sorgaard to produce this “fun and alternative way into the works of Kierkegaard. Through food and history (recipes, anecdotes, and quotes) it tells a small piece of the story of the man and his times-the thoughts and the culture that shaped Kierkegaard as a human being and into a world known philosopher.”

What’s more, they decided to make some Bound notebooks to go along with the book itself – taking full advantage of content like our recipe pages, micro-journaling, etc I might add.


Bound Kierkegaard Cookbook MemoWhat’s even more, Rachel and Emma are giving away a signed copy of the book AND the accompanying Bound notebook to readers of this here blog.

Your mouth is watering, I’m sure, so how can you get a chance at sinking your teeth into some fresh-cookin’ philosophy?

All you have to do is re-tweet the @boundcustom tweet I’ve just put up with the hashtag #SK200.

I’ll pick a name at random from all the retweets and put you in contact with the author herself(ves) for delivery.


Oh, and before I forget.  If the cookbook only leaves you hungry for more Kierkegaard, checkout this course through Coursera “Søren Kierkegaard – Subjectivity, Irony and the Crisis of Modernity” taught by Jon Stewart of the University of Copenhagen.   You can learn all about Coursera, find out what “MOOC” stands for, and get more information about the course with this great Prezi presentation by Timothy Hall, a fellow North Carolinian.

On behalf of possibly the greatest Danish journaler of all time, I bid you to enjoy the food for thought and belly.


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Help Upgrade Mercury Studio in Durham

Mercury Studio is just one of those places you want in your town.  A staple item like a good coffee shop, grocery store, bar, and walking trails.  Mercury Studio is just one more reason why Durham is Durham.

Mercury Studio opened its doors as a co-working space where artists, writers, and entrepreneurs of all types work along side each other in an awesome downtown space.  Since then, they’ve added all these great events to their activity board:

  • Art Salon: Local artist gather to present their current work and receive earnest and specific feedback from other artists, patrons, and curators. These events are cohosted with Laura Ritchie, the Gallery Director at The Carrack.
  • Listening Room: We bring in local songwriters for an evening of music and conversation. The artists play one set of original music for a rapt crowd and then have the opportunity to talk about their craft and process as well as take questions from the audience. It’s a unique and intimate event, enjoyed by all parties involved.
  • groundworkk: All attenders contribute $5 to a mason jar, listen to a few pitches from local groups or individuals who have a project idea, but need funds, ask questions, and then vote. Whichever project receives the most votes, gets the cash.
  • #CinemaSeries: With the help of movie-buff community members, we screen and discuss movies ranging from documentaries to mainstream favorites.

Now they need to upgrade the space to keep up with demand and are running a campaign on Indie GoGo to help raise the money they need.

How you can help.



  • Social Media: Post the link to this page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, bulletin boards, or your forehead – whatever you use!
  • Personal emails: Email this campaign link to anyone who you think might be interested in participating. Friends, family, coworkers! We’ll never know if they want to help unless someone asks them! Think about it. If you get two people to contribute what you contribute, you’ve tripled your contribution!
  • Listservs: Have a neighborhood listserv? A knitting listserv? An any kind of listserv? Send out the link!
  • Community Challenges: Really want to up the stakes? Issue a challenge to people in your community (office, neighborhood, etc.). Let them know what your contribution is and let them know how much you think your community should be able to raise. Also, let us know if you’re doing this and we can come up with a prize for the community who, together, makes the greatest contribution!


We’ve designed a Durham-themed, Mercury-Studio-branded Memo just for the campaign.  We’ll pick FIVE people at random who spread the word about Mercury Studio.    Here’s how to enter:

  • Share on Facebook and mention “@bound custom journals” in the post
  • Share on Twitter and mention “@boundcustom” in the tweet
  • Send an email and include team@boundforanything.com in the bcc

You can do all three to be entered three times.  On Monday, June 17 I’ll compile all the names and select 5 random winners to receive a Bound Memo with a street level map of Durham, lined pages, grid pages, and checklist pages on the inside with this cover:

Mercury Studio Durham Notebook


Hope to see you at the Studio sometime!


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The Hottest Speakeasy in Town is Your Own Home

There are a finite number of establishments at which to get a truly delicious cocktail in the United States and, statistically speaking, you probably do not live within 30minutes of any of them.   It’s a discouraging thought so allow me to cheer you up with some good news:  Now your own house and home can be such an establishment.


I want you to think about all of the people you know.  Now think, which of these people would I most trust to make me the perfect cocktail?  Now imagine a person that can make a cocktail 100 times better than the best person you can imagine.  Then, imagine that latter person creating a line of mixers so that you could have one of his delicious concoctions anytime you want (after noon on weekdays, 10am on weekends at least, just for propriety).

Imagine no longer and order yourself a bold mixer from Durham’s own White Whale, the brainchild of geniuses Dave Staples and Corey Mason.  They’ve recently launched with a three-mixer lineup just in time for summer:

Your Older Brother (Just Add Vodka)

The Filthy Liar (Just Add Gin)

Auntie’s Old Fashioned (Just Add Bourbon)  

Pick yours up online at Clyde Oak or stop by a shop in the Durham area.


White Whale Bold Mixers Notebook

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Behance Portfolio Review: Chicago

It’s a pretty simple idea.  If you are a creative person creating creative creations you will eventually want another creative to critic the creative creation you have created.  But how?

It’s easier than ever with Behance’s Portfolio Reviews held worldwide throughout the year.

Behance Portfolio Reviews bring members together at events in cities and towns around the world — organized by members, for members. Attend a Portfolio Review to present and get feedback on your work, hear from experienced professionals, and meet your local creative community.

Reviews are happening all over the world next week from May 13 – 20.  Find one near you.

We have teamed up with Jen Kablis of Alice Graphix, organizer of the upcoming review in Chicago, to create a great Memo notebook for the event and offer a lucky raffle winner 10 free Memos featuring their own artwork on the cover and any interior content from our library their heart desires.

Jen posted a great picture of the notebooks we made together – complete with an “L” map on the inside cover – to flickr and instagram.

Chicago Behance Portfolio Review Notebooks

She also posted a great picture of the many raffle prizes in the pot awaiting the attendees.

Behance Raffle Prizes

Good luck from all of us at Bound to all the creatives creating creative creations in attendance in Chicago.



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STITCH: Weaving the Fabric of Durham with Words


Let’s cut to the chase:  Back STITCH on Kickstarter


If you have set foot in Durham, NC even for a moment (which is getting harder and harder lately if you don’t live there as you’ve probably spent the majority of your time hunting for parking), then you know that we Durhamites are nothing if not passionate about making Bull City what we believe it is meant to be.

But what is that exactly?

That’s the question indeed.  Answers vary to say the least but what they all have in common is the use of words.  That might sound obvious but words have great power to create future reality, not just articulate the present or recount the past.

Akira & Dipika of Orangutan Swing (Durham, NC of course) are making sure Durham harnesses that power not just effectively but beautifully as well with an exciting Kickstarter campaign.  Don’t take my word for it, Good Magazine agrees.

The duo have brought together citizens and artists to transform words about Durham into art for the good of the community.

Back STITCH on Kickstarter before the deadline on Monday Apr 29, 8:00am EDT.

If Stitch hits its goal, 10 backers will be randomly selected to receive one of 10 free custom “Stitch” Bound Memo notebooks made in, you guessed it, Durham, North Carolina.   The notebooks are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled, acid free paper and contain a street-level map of Durham, lined pages, and grid pages.



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HB Hospitality, or “Clients and Notebooks I Love to Love”

I met Danielle, Principal & Founder of HB Hospitality, in a quintessentially Durham-Raleigh-Startup-Community way. Without going into the details let me say it involves both the Startup Stampede and Triangle Entrepreneurship Week.

Such connections are rarely as perfect a fit as this has proved to be though. We worked together to create what I consider to be the most top-shelf notebook we’ve produced to date. If you’re lucky enough to attend one of her events you can hold it in your hands for yourself.

HB Hospitality Journal Page One

Events? What events you say? What does HB Hospitality do?

HB Hospitality connects exceptional people to extraordinary experiences. I was going to try to write something original here but, having plagiarized the preceding sentence, I decided that I probably wasn’t going to do much better than Danielle herself:

“HB Hospitality’s goal is to produce a seamless experience for clients by partnering them with HB’s prestigious portfolio of resorts and helping them to design memorable meetings and events that align with their organization’s strategic goals and objectives.”

She’s professional, intelligent, and great to work with. Look for more masterpiece notebooks this year. Oh, and speaking of Masterpiece, don’t tell me what happens in the Downton Abbey season finale. I still haven’t seen it.

Hotels and Resorts I Love to Love NotebookHB Hospitality Journal AdYearly Calendar NotebookProperty List Notebook
HB Hospitality Journal AdHB Hospitality1

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What is Vegan Leather?

A few months ago we partnered with Dribbble for some terrific Gameplan notebooks.  Dribbble posted an instragram shot of the Vegan Leather notebook and I was struck (and tickled to be sure) by the comments about “vegan leather” that ensued.  After sitting on it I realize that the question, “what is vegan leather” very much deserves an answer.

There is a short answer and a long answer.

Short answer:  a material that in sight, touch, and general experience fools you as leather but does not involve any animal products whatsoever.

Vegan Leather Notebook Cover

Long answer…

In full disclosure, we at Bound do not practice a vegan diet.  I, personally, am quite close now in 2013 though not 100%.  To put that in perspective, I distinctly remember proclaiming with a bizarre and now embarrassing touch of pride at the opening of a KFC in the small town in which I taught English in China, “I suckle at the teat of American fast food.”  No joke.  That was ten years ago.

Thanks to my wife, I have progressively taken a closer and closer look at what I put in my body as “food.”  The seed was planted years ago at Native Foods in Westwood but this year has finally sprouted.  (vegetable metaphor language intended)

Since that time, the following have contributed to my dietary transformation:

I am currently and intend to stay:

  • Gluten-free
  • Diary-free (cows)
  • Vegetarian
  • Zero processed foods
  • Vegan with <major> exceptions:  local, free-range, organic eggs; local honey; local goat cheese

The long answer is long enough already but otherwise I would go into why I believe pretty strongly in this diet.   You’d be better off reading/watching the links above anyway though.  It’s also a lot easier for me with a wife that can create magical goodness like buckwheat banana bread.  (DISCLAIMER:  I do not presume to suggest diets are one-size-fits-all or that my diet should be followed by anyone.  Bound is not going on record endorsing or condemning any particular diet.  I only share it to add some color to an otherwise boring post about journal cover material.)

Make it Happen Vegan Leather Notebook

When Bound was first starting we tried a leather cover notebook but had to scrap it because it was too expensive, didn’t perform well with our binding, didn’t accept the cover stamp satisfactorily, and felt wrong somehow even though we were all meat eaters.  We found a substitute material that solved all the problems and felt even better than the leather.  It felt so great that we just couldn’t sell it short calling it “faux leather”, “pleather”, “synthetic leather” or anything of the sort.  It deserves better.

Dribbble Notebook Vegan Leather

After doing some research into what other companies say about their covers, if anything at all, and researching the materials used to make our cover we decided that “vegan leather” was a much more fitting name.  We thought for a moment about going the tofurky route and calling it “Vegeather” or “Veather” or “Leagan” but it was a very short moment, thankfully.

Hotels and Resorts I Love to Love

So there you have it.  The story of Bound’s “Vegan Leather” cover material.  Buy one and make these guys happy and free, as all beings everywhere should be.

Cows Happy and Free


You are what you eat, and perhaps what you wrap your journal in as well.


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Dribbble + Bound = Gameplan Custom Notebooks

Not since Threadless have we been as excited about partnering with a respected catalyst in the design community like Dribbble (yes, 3 “b”s).

If you aren’t familiar, Dribbble is “show and tell for designers” where you can upload a 300×400 px image of anything you’re working on for the community to see and respond to with “rebounds” or variations.  Check out some highlights for a good taste.

Custom Notebook and Journal for Dribbble

Michael, our Chief Creative Officer, has been a member and fan for years.  In fact, early iterations of the Bound logo and other Bound designs appeared on Dribbble while they were in development.

Dribbble Gameplan Memo Notebook Colophon


Dribbble has added a Vegan Leather journal and a Memo notebook to it’s Equipment shop alongside some great apparel.

Currently their store is the only place online to pick up a branded, user-oriented Bound journal so get them while you can.



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Gastronomic Gardener Custom Memo Notebook

Gastronomic Gardner NotebookWe have the opportunity to work with really creative clients with more frequency than we may deserve and David P. Offutt is no exception.  David’s commitment to enriching our understanding of food from soil to plate inspires me to be honest and thorough about the quality and sustainability of our products at Bound.  High praise but no exaggeration.

David operates GastronomicGardener.com, where he shares his passion for gardening and cooking by posting recipes, learning experiences, and recommendations for novices interested serving up meals from their own garden.

You can also catch him on Twitter and Facebook.

Bon appetit!


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Custom Pocket Travel Guide to Paris

Paris Pocket Travel Guide

If there are two things I love it’s travel and notebooks.  In fact, the two are basically synonymous for me.  There’s not much point of only doing/having one of the two. It is with that in mind that I am offering a fun little spin on the good ol’ Bound Memo.

I’ve lived in Paris for seven months or so and have grown somewhat obsessed with the city.  There’s always more to explore but at the same time there are sure fire mainstays.  A city is like the classic description of man’s conception of god.  (Woah, sharp turn to the left right into the deep end.)  Like the elephant, though, one’s conception of a city revolves around the part of it you touch.  Six of us could go to Paris and come away with 6 difference descriptions of the City of Light.

Not everyone wants the same thing out of a city.  Some people want to find the best high-end shopping, others want to sample local fare, others want to hit the hotspots that set a city apart.  The list goes on and on.

In the spirit of custom, I’m going to make a few pocket travel guides for Paris that I will populate with information based on the purchaser’s particular interests.  Have dietary restrictions?  Gotcha covered.  Love coffee, cocktails, wine?  Check.

I’m giving the first of these away free and then selling a few more through the Offset Workshop.  It’s our little corner of experimentation.

Here’s how it works.  You win/buy the notebook. I will reach out to you via email for your specific interests.  I will take that input and populate 5 or so great ideas for you in particular to try in Paris.

Interested?  Leave a comment on our facebook status update for this blog post stating a non-negotiable for you to call a city great.  I’ll pick a winner for the free one at random based on all entries received through midnight Sunday, March 3.

The notebooks are on sale now in the workshop if you can’t wait.

Bon Chance et Bon Voyage!





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